You will feel the powerful energy between the words,
the vibration of God speaking to humanity.
Read Messages of Love


Communing with your atoms, with your electrons, with the energy, the particles that appear in your life, is a perfect call to service in the field of God that now becomes a field of unity, rather than a field of fear. Fear can only be met and transformed by Love, and only from the level of the singing heart of God. To acknowledge it in any other way is to simply dance the dance of the teeter-totter of ego and duality. This you see ever more clearly for it is more powerfully visible as the Light increases and thus illuminates that which is not Love's wholeness.

The powerful waves of fear that move through the consensual dream of humanity must always be met as the heart of God in service, whether these appear as beings within yourself, within your energy field, or "out there" in the world. If you see it, it is a prayer that is being sent to you, for you to love it free, to lift it from duality that it might find itself immersed in this endless Love, that it might feel itself included in this warmth and joy, that it might know itself as part of this glorious wholeness, wrapped in Love, supported and included in endless abundant support for I Am the Source of all Good.