You will feel the powerful energy between the words,
the vibration of God speaking to humanity.
Read Messages of Love


A Master lives in Me. United in our consciousness. I Am part of everything. A Master always supports life, assists Love and amplifies it. A Master knows without a doubt, as the foundation of his or her very being, that I Am completely supply of every amazing good. So the Master pours Love on every level to every life and knows that such pouring will be returned to them a thousand fold.

A Master knows that money is an illusion, that the only real currency is the stream of Love from the heart. And thus, the Master gives. Gives and gives and gives in every conceivable area. Gives Love and gives support; gives energy and tenderness; gives the great unwavering stream of Real and perfect Love. Gives so that if anyone around them sees anything but Love, they are there to lift it up, so strong is their belief. They know so clearly that only Love is real and Love the outcome of every endeavor of a child of God. They know it with such passion that they can support the whole of humanity in finding it.

The Master loves with tenderness, supporting that within each life that clearly speaks of Love eternal. And the Master never wavers in the clear knowing of the truth.

Most of all, the Master sees only one outcome possible for every child of God, and that is only Love. And so seeing, lifts the human race into what is Real.