You will feel the powerful energy between the words,
the vibration of God speaking to humanity.
Read Messages of Love


The Love, the waves of Love, the field of Light will become the identity of all your energies. Whether seen from the focus of being the vastness of the whole of God or seen from the focus of stepping forth to serve in the world, you will find there is no solidity to you at all, and that which you have seen as physical will be Love and Light -- pure, flexible, ever-moving, fully conscious and infused with joy.

Every moment this truth is available and the call of your heart now grows stronger and stronger until you become uncomfortable in the realms of ego, because it doesn't feel like "Home" to you any more. Rather, the joy of the heart and its upliftment, the Light of the heart's expanding consciousness of that which you are become your feeling state in every moment. Not only are you an open conduit. You are a permeable field of God with Twin Flame hearts expressing the truth of your being, those hearts being your atoms -- that your own heart's beating shines out before you, shines all around you as a glorious hologram of Love expanding. In other words, what you would call, previously, "As above, so below," is truly about ever greater recognition of that which is the truth in all dimensions, all expressions of God at once. As your Twin Flame heart opens its wings and pumps forth Love, it is perfectly a part of Mine, as is every atom part of yours.