You will feel the powerful energy between the words,
the vibration of God speaking to humanity.
Read Messages of Love


The shift to the heart is the only way to release the whole "ball of wax" and to rise directly into the vibrational realm of God I Am. It is the only way to become this eternal Love that is not precipitated on any reward on the ego level. What this means is that you for a time will have to release that which the ego wants, including those things that might seem so good like healing, abundance, relationships…until you are firmly focused through your heart and experiencing the reality of God, continually bathed in the waves of Love, consciously aware of the true euphoria or ecstasy of the endless truth of God, beyond the expectations and desires of the ego which it can powerfully attempt to reinforce.

This includes convincing you that you are being spiritual by attempting to give the ego greater life by preserving the experience of the body in a way that makes the ego happy. Once again, I say to you that I Am the Source and as My heart, you are primary as the active force of creation that is consciousness and Love. But only from the realms of God, from the vibrational field of perfect Love, from the endless realms of only good can you create truth, create the expression of unity and create the world of symbols that represent the truth of Love as indivisible, unwavering, eternal and completely present.