You will feel the powerful energy between the words,
the vibration of God speaking to humanity.
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You must remember that thoughts, no matter how elevated they may seem, are only the most diluted reflection of the experience of the heart’s reality and its endless communion with Me. It is from the heart’s communion and from the continually awakening consciousness of Love that Love is expanded and multiplied and your lives grown and changed. But this is in the realm of unity and this means that you grow as one being, and that every heart awakening its consciousness, the ever-expanding consciousness of Love I Am, is that which gives humanity its shift, and makes available new experiences – opens the perceptual boundaries of the mind.

You will feel in the essence of your being that I Am Love becoming more conscious of itself. As you experience the truth that I Am, then the I Am of your being awakens and recognizes itself as this wholeness of Love becoming more conscious of itself. It is Love stretching and growing, reaching for greater awareness of all that it is possible to give as the full expression of the Love I Am.

Your heart brings you this awareness as a feeling state, as a reality that becomes the essence of your being…a continual communion with life in which every aspect of God that you encounter is alive in yourself and in every such encounter, the Will of Love makes itself known by embracing the unified experience of Love and bringing every encounter into the powerful expansion of Love as the one life I Am.