You will feel the powerful energy between the words,
the vibration of God speaking to humanity.
Read Messages of Love


You are awake not only to freedom but to this endlessly perfect life that flows forth as your being. You step forth as the movement of Light that you feel as the ocean that is waves of Love.

This fulfillment, this peace, this exuberance to be alive is what lives in the center of your being and everything is right within you. Everything is rich and full. You are filled forever from the inside, and it moves out as Love moves you and as you move as the feeling of Love.

When you live from this place, you are free of the illusion that there is anything that you need in the world of form. You are free to be the extension of Love, free to be the heart of God doing what you are meant to do. There is no place in your entire being for lack. Everywhere you look, I Am. Everything that you feel is joy, gratitude, the fullness of Real life overflowing from your heart.