You will feel the powerful energy between the words,
the vibration of God speaking to humanity.
Read Messages of Love


As you become a conscious heart holding the divine resonance of Love, you become in essence My heart blessing, opening, charging up, amplifying the truth of Love in every heart in the world. Not only humankind but all expressions of God which is everything, of course. Every living quark. Every electron. Every wave of energy.

Because every amplification, every touch of Love that is extended also reaches out to become a processor of Love, the amplifying heart of God I Am, instantly every heart in the world is magnetized into the only truth that Love is the only Reality and all else is simply a play of light and shadows, of consciousness pretending to be that which does not exist.

So the power of your heart becomes the awakening of every life it touches. If that life is not already completely aware in your heart’s field, it is perfect, and the truth of Love cannot be denied, manifests fully, instantly and streams forth as the endless possibilities of the truth of Love through the hearts of humanity, creating a world of exquisite God-glory and endless beauty, the expression in the symbols of this life that you live of All That I Am as you.

This is the shift to which I call you. I want you to feel your heart’s power, to recognize the power of the entrainment of the heart of the living cosmos, the heart of God I Am right here as you. Watch as the play of duality shimmers once and falls away so that you are experiencing pure ecstasy and holy recognition of the truth of your being as the heart of God, the great awakening of the powers of Light and Love, consciousness being born in new ways as you, as Love makes more of itself as your reality.