You will feel the powerful energy between the words,
the vibration of God speaking to humanity.
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Your mind says to Me, “But what of all the suffering? What of the experiences of human beings that are so endlessly painful? What of, God, all the need for upliftment, for change, for assistance?” May I attune you to your heart once again that you might recognize, all of you, your oneness and that you might comprehend as a feeling that when there is “lack” or need, it is not someone out there who is suffering. It is the heart of God forgetting its unity.

What this means for humanity is that each of you become this encompassing Love, rather than a person who sees him/herself as separate from the One they are serving. The ego loves that position of standing back and evaluating, perceiving, judging itself as capable of helping someone it sees as “less than” the perfect heart of God.

Any perception of less than perfection is an experience of anti-Love, and any “healing” that is accomplished simply feeds the illusion and keeps it spiraling on its way.

Does this mean that you don’t lend a hand, that you walk by a situation that calls for help? Of course not. This again is the mind trying to make things black or white, trying to create a duality out of God that cannot be divided. Please take this in. Let it become the truth of your being.

You are not separate from the one who needs help and your heart is where you must go, that you might recognize that you are available as the conduit for Love. That place in the heart of God that is humanity that is showing itself to you as that situation simply can be loved back to wholeness by allowing this warmth to proceed to lift up, to thaw, to bring remembrance to that heart that it is part of this unity, held in the arms of the Creator.