You will feel the powerful energy between the words,
the vibration of God speaking to humanity.
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Love rushes to you from Me and washes through your being and gives you All That I Am – your identity, your truth, the essence of your life as I feed you, the recognition that you are the living matrix of the universe, that which is the out-reach of your Creator – and draws to you Love from everywhere, for the cosmos is, of course, a living hologram and thus in every living Now Moment the magnet of your heart draws Love to take it in and create more of it from absolutely everywhere at once.

All the universes and endless consciousness of the unfolding expression of Love come into My heart to be blessed, to be gifted with more of that which is the only substance, the only being, amplified, amplified and exploding forth as the constant generation of the energy of life in each glorious stream of expression. Meaning… once you make the choice to be the heart of God I Am, to recognize Love as All That Is…becoming conscious in ever greater ways as you and you as Me, as the All… then you know that as you stand as this choice here and in every expression of your being, everything that comes into your field is drawn by the power of your Twin Flame heart in order to be amplified and blessed.

In other words, when you become the full open heart, you become not only the most powerful magnet for Love but you draw to yourselves all other hearts, all Love drawn to you to be blessed by becoming more of that which is the only truth, the only substance, the only movement, the only resonance, and yet the expression of the cosmos that is Creation is Love making more of itself.