You will feel the powerful energy between the words,
the vibration of God speaking to humanity.
Read Messages of Love


In the center of your magnificent heart, there is a doorway to the Real. It is the center point of All I Am where everything is joined in Love. You are the beating heart of God! And what is true of My heart? It is where I hold everything in pure and perfect Love.

So through the doorway of your heart you are connected to the Real, where the center of your heart is joined to every other life. You are where Love meets Creation. You are the heart in which and through which I love all I have made. You are the central point in which all the rays of created lives meet to know that we are one forever.

This is an “inner space” the truth of which is the opposite of this “outer world.” It is the “space” in which all are connected as Love, where all of life is one Love in relationship.

In the Real, to love yourself is to love your Twin Flame. And to love your Twin Flame is to love all Creation. There is no separation. You cannot love anything without loving everything. How could it be any other way? So truly, there is an “inner star” beginning within your heart that is the “mandala” of the Real, where any point that is any life is connected to the center of the whole. And that center point is you.