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Gravity the way I am using this word today is as a symbol for the life created by the choice to believe in separation from the Light and from the freedom of expression that I call "levity," meaning it is the opposite of gravity. It is symbolized in its beginning stages by the ability to levitate. But more than anything, it is about living completely in joy and being free from the magnetic pull of the "grave," of the Earth, of the solidity, of the "grave consequences," of the force that nails you to physicality, of the belief that you are living a life as a solid being and that to move this solidity takes great energy and effort, and a high degree of motivation.

Ah, but the shift to the heart brings levity which means relief from the world that is nailed down, that is anchored by that magnetic pull of dissonance, of a consciousness separate from life that is symbolized by the experience of death.