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the vibration of God speaking to humanity.
The Messages from God
February 18, 2009
In These Times,
Living from the Heart Outward

Beloved ones, I Am here with you, and I reach for you, this day, this hour. I come to knock upon the doorway of your heart that you might open it fully to Me. Please realize that I Am lighting your heart flame so you may become a living candle for this world – that you may go forth living from the heart outward.

I am asking you to be the living doorway to God and to reach out with My hand in compassion. Together we are planting the seeds of new life in every consciousness. At this moment humanity is being called to live, at last, from the heart shining forth into the world, rather than living focused outward on the world of the mind and the senses.

What is happening on Earth right now is that the old, interlocking consensual dream is succumbing to the power of Love awakening. Beloved ones, it is unraveling. This is a most magnificent thing. As the old world structures begin to crumble, the heart can make itself known.

People are beginning to search for answers when their comfortable perspective no longer serves them. It feels as though the Earth is rocking beneath them. They don't know where to reach for their answers. You, beloved ones, are those answers.

You are My heart, My consciousness, My Love, ready now to blaze forth like the living comet. You write the truth of God into the world for every precious person. This is why I call you to rise up quickly above any personal concerns and to understand that you are fueled by the living Spirit.

I Am whispering in the voice of Love to your heart's inner ear. I place before your feet the golden walkway of a life lived from the heart outward, that the world might reflect to you My bounty, the glorious potential that comes from the amplification of the truth of Love within you. You then gift this to humanity, to every precious person, to every life stream, to every ball of energy.

All the tangled web of the little mind's reversal dissolves like mist before the sun. You stand, My beloved ones, hand-in-hand, linked from the heart to all people, weaving a unified heart of living Love and a consciousness of pure and endless Light. This consciousness will bring forth the spirit's golden energy, the heart's eternal expression of life that moves forth with Love as the only answer. Love brings forth a world of beauty and the passionate expression of the life I Am in each of you together, lived from the deep within, outward in grace.

It is only by turning to the inner eye, the heart's true vision, that you can see current events for what they really are. Only this way can you recognize the beauty of Love you are weaving as it shifts the world back to the heart of God and brings humanity into alignment with the law of giving, the truth of open- hearted Love. It is the voice of the living God I Am, unified and singing a new song of life.

So, to the eyes of the ego, it may look like lack and suffering. It may look like confusion and despair. It may look like many unanswered questions, as people bend their knees at last to Me in prayer. They are seeking answers not only for themselves but asking, truly asking, for the blessing of others. This shall be the key turning in the lock of the Ages – to awaken the world of joy.

Heaven on Earth filled with Light and nourishment is ever being received from above, the pure nourishment that is the very highest vibration. It comes to you directly from Me continually. Please remember that you can live on Light easily. I Am the nourishment that you need. As you choose to release the world focused outward, you shall become completely spirit-led, and every moment will be abundant blessings with synchronicity as the order of every day.

Doorways will open before you effortlessly because your heart, beloved ones, is the key that turns the lock on the door to your glorious abundance, to the life beyond your farthest dreams. Every step that you take will be in the Light, in the guidance of that flame of God you are in Me.

As you turn and open and feel My presence, let the cares of the world fall away. Let Me bathe you in the upliftment of the living glory, of the great and endless Love I Am. Feel the Twin Flame heart that you are, shining to become My beacon for humankind.

Let this be a call for each one of you to the deepest compassion, that I might be truly embodied in you. Go forth as the heart of Love as beloved Jesus did, and show forth the truth of God in every way. This may occur sometimes through taking the time to listen and sometimes through bending with others to pray. Often times you will become My voice speaking and open to the instant manifestation of the Light. As you walk with Me and you live in My name and you open your heart, your voice, your consciousness, everything, you will find yourself becoming the manifestation of every good and abundant thing provided for all of My glorious children through My open heart, always.

And so it was that Jesus held the loaves and the fishes. Through his open heart, the cornucopia of Love poured itself forth in the world of symbols as food, as nourishment for the multitudes. Just so will it be with your hearts, beloved ones, whether that food be of the physical kind or the nourishment of the living spirit -- which I promise you is needed so much more than support of the physical kind. If you change a person's heart by bringing My presence and letting them feel the expansion of hope and joy; when you touch their heart with the surety of My abundance, then you change their life from that moment onward. There is no greater gift.

Rather than serving in old ways, or tithing in physical ways in the world, I Am calling you to take this living spirit outward. Let it, dearest ones, live through you, that every person might light his/her heart from your heart's candle flame. Help them to understand that grace is endless and that through the open heart of Love I Am the gift given to every person in the world. Thus shall I always be the true provider of Real nourishment.

As old world thinking falls away, this is when you will hear My call. I send you forth to be the bridge I Am building that the Light I Am might shine into the world from the heart outward. Every life becomes the symbol of unity, joining every other heart on Earth, bringing at last that long awaited awakening – the New World at last.

It comes, beloved ones, through you. It comes through your Love and your giving. It comes through your humility in service. It comes from your willingness to stand forth in a world seemingly unraveling, and say, "We are perfectly on Love's course. Let me show you."

Does this mean there is no longer work in the world that is valid? Does it mean that money no longer exists? It means that all of these things are what is changing to be funded from the true life and the true Light within you, rather than accepted as the world presents it from outside of you. Then, when your heart is engaged in My presence and with you, I will move you easily in the world, shining the Light of your hearts effortlessly on the pathway of your greatest service, yes, but also your greatest blessing.

The abundance of life will be reflected to you in everything that you see and experience around you. You are My heart's Light shining. Your open heart alone can light the world. Come, beloved ones, into the inner sanctuary that you might feel Me, feel My presence as alive in you as your very heart beating, as Real as your every breath, that you might be the Light I Am, lighting everything before you.

As you bathe in this Light, feel this assurance in your every electron. Recognize this shining Light as your true body. Feel the consciousness of the living, giving unity of Love. All That I Am is alive within you and bursting forth through your heart to amplify My truth and My good. The truth is that every life is pure and perfect, and joined in a majestic totality that is giving birth to the Real world of Love, unity and joy. It is happening instantly now and easily through you.

What does it mean to be the compassionate heart of God I Am? It means to reach out and see with My eyes, to see the pure Light and life I Am in everyone and to hold that truth without wavering. Each precious person who feels your blessing can reach forth and take that torch from you and hold it high enough that it becomes the Light by which they see – the Light of God illuminating their world. In that Light they will easily see whatever has been limiting them, allowing the Light to transform it, that each beloved heart might step free at last, affirming that they are the unlimited source of abundance, the heart within Me.

As the Light speaks in the dancing voice of energy, you will find yourself moving through this ecstasy of pure Light with open-hearted Love and joy, until life at last becomes awake and fluid again. You will find it easily shifting to the heart's expression.

The era of perfect Love and eternal grace will wrap all humankind as I reach forth and turn every beautiful and precious face back facing Home, homeward to me, releasing every form of limitation, every bit of human baggage and setting everyone free, together to be the living heart of God I Am, creating the world abundantly by living from the heart outward.

The world you see will be your Love expressed. Every bit of it will be the perfect dance of joy and unity -- humankind as a brotherhood and sisterhood, and every heart saying "Yes" to being the expression of My Love.

Dearest ones, with all the tales of woe and fear that are spreading, take care not to spread the lies of fear, not to place your glorious and powerful consciousness on those patterns of life that are unraveling. Rather, hold your vision firm on the Light and on the Love I Am.

Hold fast to the feelings of joy. Become the creator of the world that is being born, transformer of the old that is leaving, so that every life on Earth lives in this glory of dancing Light and waves of ecstasy. Help everyone to see everything with the heart's vision, the vision of unity, rather than the two eyes of the ego's dualistic world.

Please start today reaching within and finding Me, so that the movement of My Love from within you moving outward becomes the way you live. You are a co-creator of a world of unity and blessing.