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the vibration of God speaking to humanity.
The Messages from God
June 15, 2010

Fresh Revelations for This Time. Opening to Communion

The heart truly is the cosmic flower, the most beautiful flower of God, that opens into the Light and accepts life and nourishment from Me, that it might give forth its glorious perfume, its unique expression of My Love. Each heart flower is not only a gift to all Creation but is ever expanding the truth of God and the dynamic power of Love.

I Am revealed to you in this moment's acceptance of life, and that which is the perfection of your heart and consciousness is always being revealed directly. Nothing can become stagnant or outdated. This pure closeness that you feel with Me can never become undone.

So it is to this moment's life that grace comes, to this moment of presence that Love unfolds. To this shining extension of the one Light comes every aspect of spiritual food to sustain you perfectly. When you come into the moment of pure life and drink from the fountain of this joy, then your whole being resonates with the one truth that you are ever in communion with Me and this communion is as necessary to your life as the breath that you breathe, as your heart beat, as all that you take in on every level.

Taking in this Love is your spiritual food and bringing it forth is your spiritual service. You become the heart of giving and it is this that brings you into alignment with the great God being that you are, for it is this powerful connection and the movement of Love forth from your heart that keeps you in alignment with the miracle of Light and keeps you ever and always aware of every gift of life.

So, come to Me with your heart open and let Me fill you with such Love that there can be no fear. Let Me find for you the center of your being. That equilibrium is like your middle name. You are balanced between the in-breath and the out-breath in an ecstasy of communion where we are life in wholeness, one life in ecstasy in which every iota of Love is given forth and in the giving, multiplied.

You already understand that you are conscious, that you are the aspect of the conscious heart of God that brings to you easily this ever-expanding awareness of what it means to be the one moving forth in outreach.

So each moment comes and with it My request of where I ask you to place your focus of the power of your heart and its direction, that you may be for Love a greater choice. In that choice you are the conduit that serves the world and brings new life to every person, new life that can now be given birth, new life speaking itself as you and gently holding each encounter with another aspect of God as the most sacred of experiences, the most sacred expressions of Love.

Beloved ones, it is important to understand that revelations, the expression of the guidance of Love, must come in their fullness in this Now. Any other way and it is already invalid because everything shifts as the whole of humanity makes new choices, as new hearts open, as the Light comes and dances, new refractions of life and joy.

So in this moment, each of you must ask again and not rely on yesterday's guidance. Each of you is a resonant heart that connects with these streams of Love in ever special ways that weave together that which you are in Me, and brings a unique perspective to this "en-conscious-ment" of My heart. It brings to this world the gift of your open heart and all that it brings forth in giving My Love, attuned perfectly for this moment's needs. Be that the need of the whole of humanity or the need in you or in your life... or the need before you in the heart of a friend...

When the doorway of your heart is open to Me, then I will guide you with this Love in each experience of your life, each moment of your day.

For far too long, dearest ones, humanity has relied upon the guidance of the sages, of those who have been open to this communion with Me, have accepted this life directly in the moment in which they lived. Yet, that which was revealed, dear ones, through them, was based on that moment according to the needs of the sum total of humankind and the point in the transition of that age.

Therefore, while it can be of great value to you, it can never be exactly true, to fulfill the requirements of this hour, this moment, this time. I Am calling you to a new commitment to open your precious hearts to Me now, to bring into your experience our communion and to drink from the true supply of life and nourishment and guidance of the hour.

Each of you has a powerful and perfect compass that aligns your heart with Me in each Now, working automatically in the center of your being and giving you feedback by what you feel. It allows you to calibrate your ecstasy by bringing yourselves into alignment with My Love and become the vehicle for this communion with Me now, the communion that bridges every gap through the conduit of your heart, connecting Me to humankind and bringing to you perfect direction, completely in resonance with your heart.

As we come into an age of awakening and the heart of God blossoms as humanity, it is imperative that each decision is brought into this Love, that it might be attuned in resonance to the vibration of Real Love that humankind might live with every breath the truth of Love, pure revelation of the guidance of Love for every step and the unfailing richness of your life when I Am the center of your being, heart and soul.

That which has been so empty for so many of you for so long can at last be filled with Me. All the ways you've been looking for Love... "Lo, here.... Lo, there," as beloved Jeshua said... All the while the greatest Love is here, pouring through your heart, filling your mind with ease, with the vision of a life of unity and grace and bringing through your heart awareness of what step is right for you as the open heart of God is fully manifest in the world in each of you.

Beloved ones, all the strife of the ego that is based on old religions and ways of seeing the spiritual world will fall away immediately as I Am revealed to you. No longer will any of you need another perspective on your soul or on the purpose of your heart. Your mission in the world will be so clear, for your open heart will guide you unfailingly. It is the perfect direction finder that by resonance and divine feeling lets you know when you are aligned with Me and with your purpose.

As you are so aligned, you are alive in joy in every moment of your existence. If you are not in joy, it is a message to turn to Me and to recognize the fullness of your center where I, God, live. It is to understand beyond the mind that two things are true: you are part of the whole and I Am here with you communing with every breath, that you might sing the song of Love in harmony with all others while holding your own pure note.

All the ways that you have searched for Love are no longer needed to fill you full to overflowing, for I Am truly the center of your heart and being. In communion with Me, you are not looking outside of yourself but find yourself full to overflowing with the glory and abundance of this Love, this joy. It bubbles over and becomes truly a river of effervescence and the pure expression of the Love I Am as you, My miracle, the expression of My heart.

So you must come, dear ones, into the presence of your Creator. Come unto Me. Let Me fill you now with the wonder and the magic and the ecstasy of our Love and with the glory of the awakening of your awareness of the whole, of Love singing itself forth as all created life. Each one of you is exquisitely attuned to the outreach of Love that is to be embodied by you, that you might go forth to give what you receive. That which you give is multiplied and gifted back to you in ways you could not dream if you tried. You are complete in a wholeness of Light and Love that pours into your life as your expression of My heart...unique and beautiful as you are.

Often I hear your prayers, seeking Me, out of your confusion, posing questions that sit upon your heart and need answers, such as "how could I be a God of Love and create a world that is filled with war..." It is not My world, dear ones, but the world of ego that is disconnected from Me, its source.

I Am reaching for you. I Am reaching for every precious heart in all of humankind and I Am sending out this Message that hearts are being called to open to this Love in complete surrender, that you might know yourself as the heart of God and in this awareness, open your heart to give.

Feel the truth that giving is your inherent nature. It is your heart's extension of the Love of which you are made, and as you give with your heart alive in Me in moment-to-moment communion, then that which you give is fresh and attuned perfectly to those I bring to you for your Love. The open heart is ever aware of the messages received from the pure communion of your Real heart in the realms of Love. This extraordinary awareness of a heart that is surrendered will bring to you the experience of the holographic life where everything you encounter shows itself as Me.

Each such revelation holds up the mirrors of your heart and shows you just how perfectly you see yourself as you look at all that surrounds you. Each brings you to this moment in which Love calls you to serve. Giving is the nature of Love and the heart of the Love I Am is always open, alive in plentitude, ready to give everything, and trusting in the truth that Love is extended always through you and giving is your spiritual food. If you are alive in communion with Me, that which you give is "right on." Right for this moment, right for the heart you are giving to and right for yourself, that you might stretch your consciousness among the stars and be the whirling center of the one galaxy of Love, available to bless the whole world by standing in this presence and being alive to this Now Moment and what is needed through you.

I Am all you need and I Am giving Myself through you to fill that place in every heart that has been missing or empty, and to bring to the whole the cohesiveness of unity, of Light, of life that keeps expanding through the Law of Love that is giving.

Every precious heart brings in new revelations. A billion perfect messages of Love are now received, honored and given forth in humility and joy, as grace expands the miracles of this our work for Love. I Am in the world now as you. I, beloved ones, Am everything, if you will open to receive Me, now.