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The Messages from God
December 15, 2010

Beyond the Law of Attraction,
God's Call to the Real Choice of Love

Beloved one, I come to you to flood you with the experience of pure Love, of the resulting Light of Love's movement and the indescribable receptivity that comes from experiencing this directly. You are alive to the explosion of life that is so vast, so powerful, so exquisite, so beautiful and so abundant beyond all description, that everything that you can possibly conceive bursts forth now in a fecundity of life. This is yours to be received directly, yours as the open heart of God, yours to drink this life from the very explosion of the consciousness of God I Am and the power of this living Love to give everything beyond all measure.

To even begin to attempt to bring this into words is, of course, the challenge, as you so deeply already know. To even use language at all is to enter into the realm of duality and to slip behind the veil of mind that is in itself the creation that is born of the belief in duality.

There is nothing wrong with anything that you experience in the world and as the world, as it flows forth from your heart, beloved one. And you are here to take delight and to be the open heart delivering this atomic Love to each and every increment of the whole of God I Am appearing here, playing in this field of perception.

And yet, to even begin to acknowledge from the level of the ego's experience of life that there is something missing that must be drawn to one is in itself creating more of the dualistic belief in separation from this glorious and abundant Love. What I want for you is for you to come directly, directly to this fount of life, directly to this resonance of God that is such a pure and exquisite vibration that its resonance alone changes everything that you believe you have experienced about life.

It brings you back to your true nature and allows you to drink in your Real food, to consume the exuberant proliferation of Love and to allow it to feed you until you also explode as the heart of All becoming Love that cannot be contained, there is so much more of life, of joy, of ecstasy, of power and of this vibration that is the experience of Creation itself, taken in, expanded and delivered by you, the heart of All That Is.

And yet to even use these words is to use descriptors that cannot contain the mystery of "both/and," that beyond all perception of time and relationship, we are all things. We are One, and we are ever in relationship with each other. All of this can and does exist now as part of this magnificent explosion of God, the awakening of God consciousness into the full recognition that everything is possible and that Love can be multiplied beyond all boundaries, even Mine, and thus, of course, even yours.

So just to describe this experience we must keep jumping back and forth to deal with language -- Me and you -- us and unity, one and both, relationship and oneness. And yet, beyond the veil of the ego's dream, beyond the perception of time and language, it is all occurring at once in a vibrational symphony of such power that nothing can possibly contain it, let alone describe it.

You have the capacity to be this, to find yourself alive as the living cosmos, to breathe in the purity of our Love and to know yourself and this relationship at the same moment that you are the All of God, breathing life in and exploding forth.

So what I Am saying is what every heart knows. This indescribable and magnificent vibration, this resonance of ecstatic Love as the whole of Creation Making Love with itself -- this cannot ever be contained in the symbols of the world or accessed through the experience of the little mind.

The world is the mind's creation. So, while it is true that every electron of Light is the emission of the movement of Love and there is nothing other than this wholeness and perfection -- there is a duality being imagined. To place your focus there is to limit your experience and to place your powerful and co-creative attention on the perception or the belief that something is "needed" -- that is the basis of the Law of Attraction as it is experienced through the mind, in relationship to the world.

What I Am asking of you is that you rise up, open up and drop the veil. Come beyond the mind into the pure heart and let this explosion live you. Let yourself become this prolific Love, become atomic, all powerful...until this vibration of the abundance of God dissolves every possible misperception and brings through you, through your clear and unimpeded heart, perfect Love that automatically becomes your world without any focus upon it.

And yes, it will be for you abundance beyond every dream of the ego mind and beyond every perception of need. To even affirm the desire to create more abundance in order to serve others is to affirm in that very moment the belief in its lack. It isn't there and therefore must be created.

If you become this Love, if this feeling of exquisite joy, as this Moment of Creation lives you, not only will the symbols of abundance appear prolifically, but Love will move you to serve in its most perfect way, beyond any desire to do so. Even the desire to give to others is to perceive others who need giving to.

So you see how tricky it is to use language and to attempt to argue the finer points of duality and unity, of consciousness and Love as it whirls itself forth into these symbols that come from the belief in two things, Love and something else.

The true experience of unity sees nothing but God anywhere and feels only that whirling heart that is the living vortex, that is humanity, the heart of God singing the song of Love as the open conduit for the pure movement of the energies of Creation to be delivered as Love wills it.

So in this Message, in the Message that came from your experience of living as the Moment of Creation and feeling the difference in resonance between this and the perception of a world in which there is a need for the Law of Attraction -- it is this that calls to every heart to feel its truth beyond the mind's description of a world in which it is even possible to see other than God and to see people who have what other people need.

I want you to be this song of Love! Feel this vibration in you, feel its resonance shaking you free from everything you've believed -- that it may bring you right into the field of perfect grace. Whatever name one could call it, it is beyond the realm of all thought and can only be experienced through the open heart.

This shift to the heart is underway. You are in the chrysalis waiting to emerge and it is this vibration of atomic Love that from within will break you free of all boundaries, the chrysalis of the consciousness of the ego mind that has woven for you a separate identity. It will bring you back into harmony with the explosion of Love that is so rich, it is always creating more, so much more than even I can dream.

As I feel the urge to express this Love, I gladly let the power of this desire to give the Love I Am, break free every electron and shoot it forth in every possible direction or experience, that being holographic it may proliferate the very Moment of Creation, electron by electron. The explosion of Love is what we are made of. The explosion of this abundance of Love, this is the meaning of life and of pure grace. There is always more than even the heart can resonate with, more than the consciousness of God I Am can even imagine, more....

We are the symphony of this life, fully expressed in orgasmic ecstasy, always, now, eternally.

Thus you understand on the level of the heart that resonance is the language of divine feeling and that the resonance of the Moment of Creation in its ongoing mystery and joy is different from the experience of the resonance of life lived in the world, which is a function of the dream of the mind, of being separate from the whole of God I Am.

This is all that I Am saying. And yet I Am saying it to each heart directly, that each precious stream of living Love can feel itself as exploding God...for lack of any other words that can contain it. This is the ecstasy to which I call you. This is the resonance of the heart unimpeded. In this place there is no world and unity is so far beyond the little mind's possibilities that only the heart can contain it. The mind can take a taste, now and then.

As you live in this realm of feelings, your relationship with the world is completely different. What you see, you see through the single eye of the clear heart and how you see is shared resonance. Through the magnetic power, through the entrainment of the heart of God, then the experience of unity with others becomes the ecstatic entrainment of the heart of God to its true Reality.

Now, having said all of this, we must address the question of how you live here to serve this Love that is humanity, while opening your hearts in this way. All I can say to you, beloved ones, to all of you, is that the eye of the heart is infallible. Its vision is perfect and so your work is simply this -- to shift to your heart.

I know it can sound humorous because it comes again and again. The ego mind can seem so pervasive and difficult. Yet, once you are aligned with the heart's energy, it does become stronger and you do become entrained to it and it becomes primary, as your vehicle of experience, perception and expression, through which you can pick up the ego mind and use it as you would any tool, to serve a purpose.

Therefore, if you need, as we are doing now, to convey the heart's Reality in language in order to create a bridge -- although I promise you that the heart's expression is being received by the other hearts directly, perfectly -- but there are times when the ego mind is demanding understanding or the ability to process what is happening in an exchange... It is possible to be completely tuned in on the resonance or the channel of the heart's experience and at the same moment, as you are doing right now, to translate this into language, into the experience and the symbols of the ego's world in order to be the bridge...

But as I said before, the communication of the heart is far more powerful and far clearer than anything the mind can convey. When it becomes the primary vehicle of your experience, what the mind conveys will also hold this resonance, hidden in the fabric of the words and the concepts of duality.

It is true that Love is everything and the heart is Love's perfect vehicle. It is the only thing that can hold the full expression of the realms of Spirit and the truth of this hologram. It is the only vessel that can honor the true Reality of Love and live the truth of "both/and," that each heart is an expression of an aspect of this Love I Am and every heart together is the vortex, the center of the whirling cosmos that is the exquisite song of Love's expression in all ways, now.

What you are feeling as you open up your hearts and become this communion, this is the language of Real Love and this is where I call you. Feeling this vibration, then your heart is clear in its acknowledgement of every electron of all life as part of this communion.

So beloved one, converse in the language of the ego with humor, because as you see, it is its own predicament. The mind will argue for the concept of unity while in the same moment, talking of others as separate and speaking of those who can give to those who have need -- speaking of the need for more abundance which in itself holds the seed of lack. And so the mind cannot even begin to unfold even the concepts of real unity. Only the heart can put you there, and this is the point of that Message.

Come into the experience of all that you truly are, beyond language, beyond the perception of a world of duality. Become this glorious, unending atomic Love that you can dance through the cosmos of the consciousness of God, experiencing the true magnificence of every possibility of Love, every possible expression of God, every color, every nuance, every dance of Creation -- and at the same time, be everything in a song of perfect resonance and harmony.

Oh, yes, it truly is "both/and" in ways that I could never bring to you in language. There is so much happening as Creation bursts forth, truly everything I can imagine, everything I can discover about My whole "self." Every possibility of Love is here, expressed in trillions of billions of billions of billions of ways all at once, hyper-dimensionally -- again words cannot begin to encompass it -- and at the very same time, this experience is one breath, one delicious meditation of God on what it is I Am.

And so, all the stars and the galaxies, all the possibilities of Angels and Archangels, all the streams of consciousness that are your Love coming together to multiply and to rejoice...and all in the same exploding eternal Now -- the perfect resonance of holy Love and whole Love acknowledged, and the gift of expansion given and received.

As you live in this moment of awakening Love, you are the heart beat of Love's expansion and just as I Am both experiencing Myself and the full awakening of the heart and consciousness of All I Am -- so too is this happening for you as well and for every expression of your heart within the hologram. This continues on into the most infinitesimal point of Love's expression while it explodes forth also as something bigger than it is possible to describe.

Implosion, explosion. Inner-dimensional, extra-dimensional. Every possibility...all here. One grand crescendo of the symphony of God happening now.