colVertical Breath
"I ask you to breathe

this truth of Love..."
Vertical Breath

The Vertical Breath is so-titled because the focus is upward into the symbolic representation of realms of Light and Love. It is a perfect and easy way to restore deep and personal communion, our connection with God as we were created.



Short Version:

This can be done anywhere and does not take long. Three or four Vertical Breaths can shift you into a space of contact with God and a vibration of Light and Love, calm and peace.

Quiet yourself for a moment and begin to breathe consciously. Deeply breathe in God who is the Source of our breath, our life. As you take the in-breath, be conscious of taking in from Source all that we are freely given in our life. Draw in all the good, the Light and Love, the caring, the resources needed, the support, the blessings, all our natural gifts from our Mother-Father-God.

As you release into the out-breath, breathe out into the world around us Light and Love, God’s gift to all life. All that you received through the in-breath, you now gift to life around you as you breathe into the world. You will feel yourself becoming calm and light. You will feel your vibration shifting “upward” as you do this.



Longer Version:

You may begin with the version above and then move to this. Breathing in, you visualize your heart exploding into Light and Love. A stream of that Light and Love now rises upward and out the top of your head. This Light connects with the Now Moment of Creation, the moment when we were (are) birthed in God.

You can visualize in your own way the Moment of Creation when the Love of God so expands and creates the desire to give forth Love that a great orgasmic explosion takes place, the Moment in which we, the cells of God’s heart, came (come) into being.

As you breathe out, deliver the Love of God as a stream of Love and Light, out through your heart to all humanity. If you wish, you can visualize this Love covering our planet, held within your heart.



The Vertical Breath from the Messages from God:

“With every breath now I ask of you to breathe this truth of Love, inviting the wave of orgasmic Love to supersede your little mind. Allow the pulsing River of Life to become your living core and invite this truth of your Love to pulse forth through your shared [Twin Flame] heart. Use your breath to ‘go vertical,’ to become your vast presence as a Real Twin Flame heart.”

“Breathing in, breathe up the vibrational scale. Breathe the whole vertical River of Life. Breathe consciously, choosing to be connected to the one Now Moment. As you breathe, you will feel the surrender occur. Feel your heart become the great open Star of Light. It is the opening into the Real for anyone who wants it.”

Praying Gratitude, Giving Love Forth