colHow to open the heart"It is your heart that can be present with 
this endless miracle of life that bursts forth
completely new in the endless Now."
The Messages from God
How to Open the Heart
Spiritual Awakening on Earth

We are living in a moment of spiritual awakening in which life on Earth is undergoing a great transformation. We have been residents here, each in our individually created circumstance, perceiving ourselves as limited and often beleaguered human beings in bodies. We have relied on our minds, our egos to lead us through the confusions of endless challenging scenarios.

The truth of us is so much grander than this. We are not limited. We are truly great beings of consciousness, cells in the heart of God, created by God at the Moment of Creation. Each of us is a unique and magnificent facet of an aspect of our Beloved Creator. Our hearts have always been our guiding force, both as our link to God, our Source, and our link to divine feeling which tunes us to the truth of the movement of Love and life.

What we have been experiencing on Earth is the adventure of what it is like to forget who we are. To truly come to know who we are and to serve God and humanity in this transformation, we must shift our mode of perception. Instead of relying on information given us by the little mind, we now must open to our true mode of perception and come to experience life through the heart. We must now open the heart.

Each heart is as the heart of God. Nothing we have ever experienced in Earth life has changed that and it cannot. The communion of the Beloved and His/Her heart is eternal, everywhere present and totally acknowledged in every electron of life that is present in the whole of God. There has merely been amnesia, a forgetting among humanity that we are the heart of God and only Love. There has been a placing of our attention elsewhere. It is the moment to make a shift and open the heart.

As our hearts open, we regain our natural connection to God, our Source. This communion with God is everything. The Love flowing from God is our sustenance, our creativity, the source of everything in our lives. The Messages from God focus strongly on the opening of the heart as the pathway Home. We humbly offer here in deepest Love all of the tools we have been given for us to open the heart.

flower-small-01We offer the following spiritual tools we have been given to assist all of us to open the heart.

Heart Activation Is FREE To Everyone. Please Read Here !

Heart Activation is a Circle of Light offering, free and available to everyone. The purpose of Heart Activation is to open the heart and awaken the divine spark that exists in the center of the heart of Love of each of us. It breaks through sometimes invisible blocks created by the mind and opens the heart of Love to the power and intimacy of pure communion with God. It reminds us that we are the heart of God extended into the world as each of us, the Creator's active heart in outreach.

Yael Powell is the conduit, the heart of Love, who has been prepared through 35 years of mystical communion to deliver this Heart Activation in meditation with beloved Jeshua (Jesus). To learn more about Heart Activation, READ MORE

heart-gold Daily Practices For Holding the Vibration of Love
(a) Detachment from the Scene

If you are feeling a "loss of altitude," it helps to detach oneself from the scene around you and begin viewing it as an interesting play. You are "in" it but not "of" it. You can silently say to yourself, "Fascinating!" as you watch how complex and convoluted life on Earth can be. This must not be done with judgment, of course, but with compassion. We can feel a true amazement at the variety and complexity of the creations of the cells of God's heart here within the illusion on Earth -- without joining them.

(b) Numinous Neutrality

This is a wonderful phrase that can create an "attitude/altitude adjustment." Numinous refers to the ethers and the cosmic realm. When you practice Numinous Neutrality, you are completely neutral without judgment or evaluation of what is before you. You place all of it in your heart in perfection, in the Light and simply allow the actors to play their roles. You know who they are. They are cells of God's heart, as are you. Therefore, shifting to Numinous Neutrality (you can say the words silently within to remind you), you look right through whatever is before you, to their hearts (and yours!).

(c) "Whatever!"

This is another word that can assist on a daily basis to remove us from judgment and to help trigger remembrance of who we really are. When something occurs to which you feel some resistance, or a strong preference to a certain course of action, just say to yourself, "Whatever!" You have to mean it, of course. What you are really saying is, "God guides all in complete perfection. I do not have to enter the drama." Along with "Whatever" comes a personal alert about the resistance you feel. Resistance to anything (usually felt in the tightening of the body, emotion, mental activity) means there is some resistance or judgment and some old pattern in oneself is triggered. Time for moving into the heart and the use of the Vertical Breath, as given below.

(d) Leaving the Mind Behind and Dropping into the Heart.

A member of our spirit family reminded us of this useful Circle of Light practice. To move your attention from the mind into the heart, imagine a ball of light in your head. Feel the ball very slowly moving downward and finally locating itself in the heart, the symbolic residence of the heart center within our physical vehicle. With this drop of the energy into the heart, thinking temporarily ceases. You can place your focus, your concentration on the feelings of warmth and expansiveness that come from being in the heart. As you do this practice frequently, combined with the Vertical Breath (below), you will become more and more comfortable with heart presence.

The following is a brief presentation by Yael in mp3 format of moving the awareness from the head to the heart to which you may wish to listen. This is an excellent prelude to practicing the Vertical Breath.


heart-gold Vertical Breath
heart-gold Praying Gratitude, Giving Love Forth
heart-gold Making a Commitment to God