colMeet Spirit FamilyWe will be introducing you to some of the people who visit Circle of Light regularly and who feel like close members of our Spirit Family. We hope you enjoy these heart connections!
Meet Spirit Family
N. Nagarajan (I AM naagaraa)
Chennai, India

Shanna writes: Our beautiful brother from India, Naagaraa, found us on the internet and requested a Heart Activation. He then sent some wonderful contributions to our Creations by Spirit Family page and some fascinating numerology and anagrams about our names. I will let him tell you about this.

Naagaraa shares:

N. Nagarajan (I AM naagaraa)Thanks to the One Heart of God, Which We All Share & Thru Which We All Are Embraced In the Circle Of Light!

No words can express My Profound Gratitude for the Pioneering, Path-Breaking, Transformative Good Work of God I AM, You Are Doing! I Jojn My Heart With You in All Humility & Bless Us That We May Realize Our Heart's Desires Propelled By the Will Of Love That God Is!

Thanks for the Opportunity to Share Our Heart(s)!
Yael = 25+1+5+12 = 43 = I, Grace = 9+7+18+1+3+5
Doug = 4+15+21+7 = 47 = Heal 'U' = 8+5+1+12+21
(Alphabets are converted to their numerical positions and added)
Yael+Doug = 'I', Grace, Heal 'U' = 43+47 = 90
Profound Twin-Flame Equation Joined By God!
9 Symbolizes Materialization of Holy Spirit
0 Symbolizes Full
Yael+Doug = 90 = Full Materialization of Holy Spirit.
'U' Are the Cup, Heart-Chalice!
'I' AM the Grace-Light of the Holy Spirit Pouring Into 'U' & Overflowing to Heal All Life!

My Heart-Felt Thanks to God, Yael, Doug & ShannaPra for Embracing Me in the Circle Of Light!

'I', Grace, Heal 'U'! Simple Mantra of Heart-Activation, Thanks to the Synergy of Yael&Doug As Well As Shanna&Pra, the Twin-Flames of God!!

ShannaPra = HansaPran(Anagrams)
Hansa Means "I AM He" and Pran Means Life-Breath in Sanskrit
ShannaPra = I AM He, Life-Breath

Another Profound Twin-Flame Equation Joined By God!

God Gives Me the Whole of Himself Thru My Heart via the In-Breath!
I Receive Him Thru My Heart & Give the Whole of Himself to All Life Thru My Heart via the Out-Breath!
Breathe & Be Heart(Anagrams!)

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