colMeet Spirit FamilyWe will be introducing you to some of the people who visit Circle of Light regularly and who feel like close members of our Spirit Family. We hope you enjoy these heart connections!
Meet Spirit Family
Sheila Thomas
Grand Prairie, Texas

ShannaPra writes: We met Sheila when she wrote telling us of her calling from God to form her own website and share her own God communion. She graciously asked our permission to use quotes from some of the Messages from God at Circle of Light, which we were enthusiastic to give her! (We love it when people extend excerpts from the Messages outward and all we ever ask is acknowledgment of the source so that people can find their way to our website and read more.) We are excited about her plans... The title she will use is Only Love Is Real, and we couldn't agree more! When her writings are ready, she will definitely be on our links page...

Sheila Thomas

Sheila writes: I have read your books over and over and the Messages from God. It has taken much effort and a great transformation to transition to the heart. The Messages from God have been a study guide and continue to be... After so many years of reading the Messages with duality perception, my perception has now come into the Oneness I am. The gratefulness of life can only really be experienced.

These Messages have been a major part in my awakening. I have become very intimate and connected with the Messages and the God of the Messages, and I am connected in heart with you all. When I write. the communication is so intertwined with the God Messages from Circle of Light -- that which I receive and open to. Even now as I read them I receive more light pouring in and a deeper connection within and I just write what the light of intelligence is saying in my heart. In these moments there is a vast knowing of what is. Sometimes you just know and feel the ecstasy of love consuming all of you.

Over time, fear has been the greatest challenge for me to release. Weeks ago I did, and accepted the Heart Activation from the Messages from God. It was like (and unlike, words can't explain it is still happening) opening. My being fills with and is overflowing with love, light and the knowing of Love in all things, I know God is Here as me and the being I am.

Because of your love and the heart of God, this moment is Real for me as never before dreamed. My soul has purpose and my will surrendered to all. I cannot fully express what it means to know and be free of the illusion, to finally see with the perception of the Heart, that the illusion was not real. Only Love Is Real.

With the return to the heart, my passion and expression has been in the form of writing at its highest form as I am able to perceive from the direction and perception of the Heart of God. I also ask for your loving prayers and support. As I be the conduit of the heart of God to humanity in writing or a ready pen for God to all, that every word be filled with the highest vibrational love to all and the God consciousness. I have struggled with this for years to channel for the divine and write. The fear that I was not good enough or worthy or at times... the little mind would just talk me out of it. I had to realize the mind is not writing, the Heart of God is. I am is writing love letters to his creation and Humanity. I am just the conduit that is used for the channel of love to flow through.

I want you to know I love you all and the family of Light. I am so grateful for the continued Messages and the support they bring in the Light of Love. Perfect Love has no fear. I Love you All! Only Love is Real...
 I thank God for your Loving support. please keep me in your prayers and your circle of Love.