colMeet Spirit FamilyWe will be introducing you to some of the people who visit Circle of Light regularly and who feel like close members of our Spirit Family. We hope you enjoy these heart connections!
Meet Spirit Family
Maggie Williams
Nashville, TN

Maggie WilliamsShannaPra writes: Maggie and I met by email when she discovered the Circle of Light books. She is one of the most "cosmic" people I know, and sends me her beautiful spiritual essay/poems almost every day. Maggie is truly a person who inspires others. I am honored to be her sister and friend. ShannaPra

Maggie writes: I have been guided by Spirit since I was a child of 4 years old. I have had some roughs spots in my life. I know now there are no mistakes and no coincidences. We choose to be born to the parents we are born to and raised by or wasn't raise by, for one reason or another all was for our growth and betterment. It made me the woman I am today. I am not a religious person, but spiritual, there is a difference. I have learned that Christ came in the world to teach us we could all do what He did, reach the state of Christ consciousness, by our belief, and trust.

From 1961 to 1969 I worked at John's Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory In Experimental Psychology -- Top Secret Work for our Government. In 1969 I was in an automobile accident and broke my back, and was in a brace for 6-7 months. The lab could not hold my position open so I left the lab a few months short ofreceiving full pension. I went into Metaphysical Psychology after my recovery, and have stayed with God's work most of my adult Life. I am a child of God and am a writer. My work is channeled by Spirit, and I love what I do.

I have worked with people all over the united States for the past 45 years. I will be 88 years young on Oct. 17th 2011. Spirit led me to find the Circle of Light through their books. I have all their books, and ShannaPra and I, we are truly Sisters of the Spirit. The first time I spoke with her I knew we were kindred Spirits. I have known and worked with them for approximately seven years

I love Yael and Doug and ShannaPra with all my Heart and Soul.
And I believe they love me and my work. We work in Unity.
Their work is very important to the world. I feel that I am a part of it.