colMeet Spirit FamilyWe will be introducing you to some of the people who visit Circle of Light regularly and who feel like close members of our Spirit Family. We hope you enjoy these heart connections!
Meet Spirit Family
Carol Chan
New Zealand/Hong Kong/India

ShannaPra writes: Carol is such a sister. We love her so much and hold her so in our hearts. Our contact, of course, started with email back quite some time when Carol was in Hong Kong. We correspond a lot and have been with her every step on her journey with Raju to India. We have followed with excitement the beautiful work they have been doing there in forming a yoga center.

Carol shares:

sf-cc-01I am a New Zealander but lived in Hong Kong for 10 years. (I was also born in Hong Kong). About 5 years back, I started to practice Yoga with great interest and sincerity. I was searching for myself and inner peace during great times of confusion in my life-- my marriage and my career were at stake. Another reason for the quest was my beautiful daughter, Natalie, who inspired me to change myself for the better so that I could bring her up with greater awareness, with love & joy.

Meeting Raju is the most surprising gift from the divine that gradually has taken me through various major transformations--inner and outer. Through YOGA & spiritual practices, we both transformed our lives and set out on a journey to India with my 5-year old daughter, Natalie. It has not been easy but we have been living in India for a year and half now. Raju is an Indian and a yoga teacher. He came into my life while he worked in Hong Kong 3 years as a Yoga teacher. He 'recognized' me first and we had some profound spiritual experiences when we were together so curiosity brought me to the books of Yael and Doug on TwinFlames, Lightworkers and Soulmates. The books guided us and we felt the power of the Messages. There is a knowing in us, saying that this is True and we have a mission to serve God.

sf-cc-03Indeed the mission started with a vision that in India in Raju's hometown, we would have a 'space' of our own to dedicate ourselves to Yoga & spiritual upliftment. We wanted to spread Yoga as universal principles of love and peace (from inner peace to world peace). Education would be the means for that change, and we hoped that all schools would have yoga for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

In the beginning right after we got the vision, we decided that we wanted to focus on our own practices and upliftment first before we started to do anything. Things moving quickly. We had some landowners donate a piece of land to us to start making a place. We named it "Home Of Light". Through this charitable organization, we are helping the local children and people by donating necessities, supporting children's educational fees and conducting yoga camps for local teachers, etc. Some of our overseas friends are also contributing and supporting to these activities.

About 6 months ago, a landowner who learned Yoga from Raju, funded the opening of a Yoga Centre so that we could teach Yoga to more people in the area. In less than 4 months, we have around 280 members. The motivation for the Yoga Centre is service but it also serves as a means to generate funds for our maintenance, plus supporting Home Of Light. We also conduct free classes for the upliftment of consciousness such as special meditation program, watching spiritual movies, etc. The Messages from God have been with us as we have broken the boundary of traditions, beliefs and rigid social rules.

Next month another piece of the journey begins when Natalie and I will be moving back to New Zealand for a period and possible opportunity to continue our work in Auckland will be revealed.

sf-cc-02The Messages from God have been a great assurance to us and knowing COL, validating our union and the path that we are setting off on. In the density of illusion, sometimes it's almost impossible to break through. At some points, it has been really suffocating and frustrating due to a lack of outer guidance or knowledge about TwinFlames and its significance. Till now, we cannot see the whole embodiment of the divine mission yet but we have faith in the Messages. We feel the coming changes and we feel the SPIRIT FAMILY supporting and lovingly holding us to the highest. Since we joined the COL, we have upliftment in consciousness & understanding. We are grateful for Yael and Doug, ShannaPra for their service, support and dedication. We LOVE U, COL!!!!!!!!!! We'll will also always be in your service.