colMeet Spirit FamilyWe will be introducing you to some of the people who visit Circle of Light regularly and who feel like close members of our Spirit Family. We hope you enjoy these heart connections!
Meet Spirit Family
Brad Randall
Austin, Texas, USA

ShannaPra writes: We met Brad Randall online when he wrote: "Thank you for all the wonderful material you are providing. I'm still absorbing much of it but I can say without question that this material is as pure as anything I have ever seen, and I've studied most everything I can find. The messages coming through Yael are truly glorious! I think my search for the 'missing piece' is finally over." But that was only the beginning. Lots more correspondence with Brad led to his super generous offer to help us redesign our website and make it SEO worthy. Wow! Were we excited!!! Brad has given us Website 101 (and maybe 102 and 103 as well), and you see the result here! Thank you so much, our Brad, for the delight of getting to know you and for all you have given to our Spirit Family.

Brad shares:

sf-br-01I live in the beautiful and peaceful arboretum area of Austin and work down at the Hill Country Galleria offices for an enterprise remote connectivity software firm. I'm a bit of a "Renaissance Man" at work filling many roles including client account management, technical support, quality assurance and customer training & documentation.

In my spare time I love to be outside in nature, whether it be walking, hiking, camping or sailing. I also love to travel, read and meditate. But most of all I love simply being in the now moment quietly expressing gratitude, wonder, reverence and forgiveness while giving love at every opportunity.

Prior to finding Circle of Light, my spiritual journey was an accelerated path of daily studying, various spiritual practices, applying those practices whenever I had a "free" moment and meditations. All of it was a precursor to finding Circle of Light. I had come to the realization that this awakening, this shift in consciousness must be simple. Most importantly, I felt I was missing some fundamental concepts that weren't being shared or emphasized in the myriad of other materials I was studying - namely, our moment-to-moment interactions with others - relationships.

To me, the books and materials shared through Circle of Light reveal the core truths of our existence. The purity, clarity and vibration of the words brought forth by Yael transform your heart from within like no other source I have found.

The guidance God provides is so hilariously obvious and simple - you will just smile and laugh when you read these words of pure wisdom and say "of course, that makes perfect sense...finally!" I now deeply understand the simple power of "giving" and "forgiveness" as opposed to their polar opposites of "getting" and "judgment". The teaching given forth in these materials is so magically uplifting and clear - it is filled with what each of us has truly always yearned to remember.

Today I am ever-perfecting my moment-to-moment awareness while interacting with others - which I believe is the key to awakening. The grace, simplicity, beauty, and power of these teachings is at the very apex of the spiritual/metaphysical material available to humanity today - it comes with my highest recommendation, second to none.