colMeet Spirit FamilyWe will be introducing you to some of the people who visit Circle of Light regularly and who feel like close members of our Spirit Family. We hope you enjoy these heart connections!
Meet Spirit Family
Delaine Walsh
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

ShannaPra writes: We first met Delaine Walsh at our very first Circle of Light Workshop in 2003 and it was Love at first sight! (See picture with ShannaPra on the Deck of COL!) Not only is Delaine a complete delight, a great heart and dedicated "spiritual worker," but she has the most extraordinary voice. None of us will forget the impromptu jazz concert of the last evening of that gathering. Delaine has been our very close sister all these years and came back for a reunion. I am thrilled to introduce her to you as deep Spirit Family.

Delaine shares:

sf-dw-2There has always been for me a knowing of authenticity about the Messages. I feel like God speaks directly to me through Yael. Often in prayer I will ask a question only to be THRILLED that the particular choice of words in the next Message will contain a key phrase or words that directly respond to my personal query. It has been like that for years! It's been almost a decade and I STILL get excited when I check my mail and there's a Message from GOD!!!

sf-dw-4What am I doing now: I work at Forward House Community Society but ALSO I am renting a space at a local metaphysical store one day a week to teach and do personal sessions. Recently I released a 6 episode /3 hour DVD on Healing with Sound that is available at .com!!! I also have recently been booked to speak on the topic of Structuring Water at a local group called Shift in Action. I will also teach people a process on how to do this for themselves with Intent/Meditation/Prayer but most importantly Divine LOVE! So essentially I am working 7 days a week!! But I am so joyous about it all that it feels effortless!!! ALL of these things have opened up since my request for the Heart Activation. POWERFUL!!!

Soon I will be introducing people to World Puja Network with my laptop and sharing with them the 2011 World Meditation. It was sooo powerful... mind boggling to think that 30,000 people were able to "tap in". Thank you so much for pointing me to World Puja. I loved your Puja series...[Circle of Light's 13 week program in January of 2010]. It made me feel like we were having a visit and I was right there with you in the living room!!!

sf-dw-3I am awestruck!!!.... Recently I went into World Puja to listen to a show as I worked around the apartment and "Choose your heart, dear ones, choose your heart" [Circle of Light's theme song] came through the speakers!!! goosebumps!!. I didn't click just started on its own!!!

You are all committed 100% to the work at COL and I am sooo grateful! It has been the BEST decision in my life to attend your first workshop ...9 years ago?? WOW!!! The continuing connection and the Messages that just keep a comin' have helped me jump hurdles and move forward in my life in too many ways to mention. I still get excited when I open my email and see Messages from God. There are sooo many more beautiful memories and connecting points. I remember crying when first I drove around Eureka Springs with you!!!! It feels like home to me! Sending Blessings and blissings,